Purslane Salad Recipe – Դանդուռով Աղցան

Purslane Salad Recipe

While this very nutritious green is in season, let’s make the most delicious purslane salad. Have to admit, this is the one and only way I’ve ever tasted or made my purslane salad. The only way my mom and grandma used to make. It’s really simple doesn’t take time and the most important part, its nutritional qualities. I’d suggest to do a quick Google search and read about it, while I go ahead, put down a very quick instructions and recipe .

Hope you guys try and love this super easy, healthy and tasty purslane salad.

Happy cooking!

Purslane Salad Recipe- Դանդուռով Աղցան


Purslane Salad Recipe- Դանդուռով Աղցան

250-300 grams fresh purslane

A pot with boiling water

Salt to taste

2-3 tbs olive oil ( not extra virgin)

1-2 tbs vinegar, I used balsamic, use anything you prefer

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

½ tsp ground black pepper

A bowl with ice cold water  

Purslane Salad Recipe- Դանդուռով Աղցան


Purslane Salad Recipe- Դանդուռով Աղցան

Wash the purslane thoroughly , cut the tips from stems

Add salt to the boiling water and pour the entire purslane into the pot

Have the ice cold water standing by

In a small bowl quickly combine olive oil, vinegar, black pepper and garlic, mix to combine

Cook the purslane only for 2-3 minutes

Using a strainer spatula, remove the cooked greens and place immediately into ice cold water, 1-2 minutes

Strain and place in your serving dish, drizzle with dressing , toss and enjoy

purslane salad

*It will be a good idea to let it set and marinate for 25-30 minutes, I can never wait that long:)


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