Strawberry Preserves Recipe

Strawberry Preserves Recipe

Strawberry Preserves

Couldn’t help to make this strawberry preserves, another one of my favorite sweets. Even though my Facebook and instagram followers asked me to make the jam, I was tempted to make the preserves since I got the right looking berries. Here in California it’s hard to find small berries, just like the ones we used to have back in Armenia. Californian strawberries are so big ,not the kind we’d choose for preserves , that’s why when I came across to these beautiful berries, decided to make the preserves and also share the recipe.

Strawberry Preserves Recipe

Hope you enjoy it!

Strawberry Preserves Recipe


Strawberry Preserves Recipe

3 lbs fresh strawberries

2 lbs granulated white sugar

¼ cup cold water

The juice of one lemon

Strawberry Preserves Recipe


In a large pot, combine all your ingredients

Start cooking over medium heat, about 15-20 minutes

Do not stir berries with a spoon , stir the pot only

As it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low and cook another 25-30 minutes

It’s a good idea to remove any white sugar foam from the preserves

At this point you can test the syrup, refer to YouTube video for more details

Ready preserves can be stored in sterilized jars for long month

Enjoy Your strawberry preserves !

Strawberry Preserves Recipe