Birthday Cooking Classes by Heghineh

Birthday Cooking Classes

Birthday Cooking Classes

Hello Everyone !

I have been getting many emails and messages regarding our birthday cooking classes for kids.

Here are some details.

*The setup of our kitchen/dining room will be festive and fun, including balloons, banner.

* To start off, we begin with making lunch, which is usually pizza or quesadillas.

* I’ll also have a food table set up with healthy snacks, fruits, veggies.

*The kids will have lunch with their own pizza.

*Then they will make cupcakes to decorate later, birthday girl / boy will decorate her/his own cake. *While those bake, the kids have many choices for party games including but not limited to musical chairs, freeze dance… the kids can hang out and dance around while their cakes bake.

*We then bring the birthday girl/boy’s cake with candles, and sing happy birthday

*The kids will also be doing a tea party, with their sweets

*Everyone will take home their sweets, goodie bags and balloons .

*Professional quality pictures will be sent to parents.

*Cost is $75 per each child

*Feel free to contact me if any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!

*Contact email: 

Birthday Cooking Classes by Heghineh