Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe

Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe Ingredients: 1½ Cup warm water 1 Tsp instant dry yeast (if using active dry yeast,activate before use)* 2½ -3 Cups all purpose flour 1 Tbs sea salt + extra to sprinkle on the dough before baking 2 Tbs olive oil (more for drizzling the baking pan & the bread ) ⅓ […]

Sweet Bread Rolls Challah Bread Recipe

Braided Sweet Bread Rolls Challah Bread Recipe Ingredients/Directions 1 Cup of Whole Milk (lukewarm) 1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream ,room temperature 1/2 Cup unsalted butter ,melted 2 Eggs ,room temperature 1/4 Cup of Honey 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract      Mix everything together and add to dry ingredients stated below 5 Cups of all purpose flour 1 […]