Zucchini pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes One of my favorite springtime appetizers.Super easy and quick to make,plus very delicious .Except for the frying part Zucchini pancakes can be considered as healthy vegetarian appetizers When it comes to cooking ,I don’t always follow recipes , eyeball works most of the time. But of course, one can’t write recipes by eyeball so […]

Easy Quick Baklava Recipe - Փախլավա

Easy Quick Baklava Recipe – Փախլավա

Easy Quick Baklava Recipe This version of easy quick baklava recipe can be considered the fastest ,easiest and least time consuming .Total prepping and baking time about an hour.The result is very good looking,glossy and of course tasty pastry,one of my childhood favorites. I like baking this baklava especially for our New Year’s table, or […]

Salty Bread Sticks Pretzels

Salty Bread Sticks Pretzels My children have been asking me to bake bread sticks for a while,as if those are any different than regular pretzels.Apparently for some kids shape of their pretzels really matter. So decided to mix and match my pretzel recipe a bit and turn it into bread sticks recipe .The outcome was […]

Flourless Gluten Free Almond Meringue Cake

I’ve been making all kinds of different cakes recently and got so many requests to make a gluten free recipe for those who are on specific diet .See everyone loves a good cake and there are not too many cake recipes that are flourless or made with gluten free flour. By far this almond meringue […]

Honey Cake Recipe - Մեղրով Տորթ

Honey Cake Recipe – Մեղրով Տորթ

Honey Cake Recipe One of my mom’s oldest recipes for honey cake. It’s a slightly different recipe from other honey cake recipes , as the cake butter isn’t cooked or steamed. It’s very soft and spongy , moistened with chocolate buttercream. So simple, yet so decadent. Hope you guys try this recipe and enjoy it, […]

Beet Bread Homemade Bread Recipe

  My Baking Ideas Day 7,last post  for my homemade bread recipe challenge I wanted to finish it with something unique, so here it comes : the most bright colored bread I’ve ever baked. Really good looking and tasty at the same time,bread made with cooked then pureed beets.Not much to add ,so let’s get […]

Olive Bread Homemade Bread Recipe

Olive Bread Homemade Bread Recipe

Getting closer to the limit of my seven day  homemade bread recipe  post challenge. I made something quite unique for day 6th. The taste and texture of this specific bread may remind of pizza crust ,focaccia or something you may have tested in Italian restaurants.I used Kalamata olives, something I had on hand at the […]

Honey Oat Bread Homemade Bread Recipe

Here’s another addition to my homemade bread recipe “collection”, not sure if I’ll be able to post all my bread recipes within such a short time period.As I initialy decided to post one homemade bread recipe for streight a week period,I’m thinking to start another week for sweet breads and then later for stuffed breads, […]