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As a mom and homechef, I’ve been cooking and baking many years for my family and friends .Eventually, I decided to share my recipes and experiences with everybody who is passionate about cooking as much as I am. Being born and raised in Armenia, most of my recipes relate to Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine: flavorful,complex and original.While the recipes and writing are done by me, all the beautiful photos and technical aspects of the site, as well as our YouTube video filming, are handled by my husband: Aram Yayloyan.


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” said Bernard Shaw


 I’ll be sharing that passion here, through my recipes and videos, hope that many of you will join me!










  1. Hi Heghine jan, you’re an amazing cook and i learn a lot from you. I have one question, as much as I love our traditional Armenian pastries, breads and more I have to eat gluten free. Do you have any gluten free version of the foods that contain gluten originally? Thank You!

    • Hi Lusin jan,
      I may not have too many gluten free pastries but the ones I have are quite delicious , try the honey cake with chocolate buttercream and the strawberrie whip cream cake, if you want me to send the links, let me know, as for breads, I made a few unsuccessful attempts and gave up, also try to make blinchiks with half gluten free- half rice flour, it should turn out just perfect .
      Thank you for your comment and have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful videos making Armenian food. I am so glad your children are learning to
    Make these receipes. I have taught my son, Jason, to make manti, and he is really good at it.
    Do you have a tv show, how can I access more of your videos. I miss cooking with my family and you
    And your family bring back such fond memories.

    • Thank you too for following my YouTube. Thats the only channel I have:)
      I hope Jason will learn much more as I’m planning on sharing more and keeping my viewers busy this coming year.
      Happy New Year !

  3. Thank you so much dear for the suggestions, i sure will try them. If the recipes for the honey cake and the strawberry whip cream cake are here in the site i’ll find them if not than yes i would appreciate the links. As for blinchiks so far I’ve only used gluten free flour and they came out great 🙂 I sure am planning to use some of your recipes for the holidays. Have a Happy Holidays Heghine jan 🙂

  4. Heghine, I’m really thankful for you. As a busy college student, I don’t have time to cook in the kitchen with mom all the time, so watching your short videos will really help me learn a lot of recipes of dishes I grew up eating as a kid. I’ve been trying to find a good matnaqash recipe and I finally found yours, so I will definitely be trying it. Some things that I’d like to see on your channel in the future (just as suggestions): popokov/havov axcan, khashlama, basturma, paxlava, manti from scratch, khinkali, pickled vegetables (թըթու?), traditional pilaf, easter pilaf… I’m sure you’re full of ideas yourself but thought I’d give it a chance. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Anahit jan,
      I’ll be making everything you mentioned and much more from Armenian cuisine.
      Thank you so much for following my channel and for your suggestion.
      Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Hi Heghineh jan,

    I just wanted to say that I stumbled across your channel when I was looking for a video on how to make ponchiks. I had been craving them for a while and I wanted to make them myself and your video was perfect. I am going to make them next week and I’m so excited. I have watched almost all your videos now and I love all of them. I love how detailed you are and you teach me how to make the food of my people. I go to culinary school and unfortunately we never learned how to make Armenian food. Just some basic Middle Eastern dishes, but nothing like the ones you make. I have grown up eating lahmajoun, manti, blinchik, etc at relatives houses and now i’m so glad with your help I can make them on my own. Please never stop making these videos! I love them so much. You do an amazing job. I also wanted to know if you went to culinary school yourself?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Vahe jan,
      Thank you so much for taking time and writing this massage,it makes my work paid off:), I’m glad my videos are helpful,
      I never went to culinary school,learned from my mom and grandmothers mostly.So happy now I can share all I learned,it takes a lot of time and sacrifice to be honest, comments like yours are quite inspiring, so thank you again!

  6. Hello Heghineh jan!!!
    I am so glad I came across your IG profile and started following you. I am not a good cook, but as an Armenian woman I try my best to cook and bake and please my family. Thank you for all you do. Also, wanted to ask you if you ever made a music CD. I have a CD from Armenia from early 2000s and still have it and listen to it and know all the words. Just wondering if you are the same Heghineh.

  7. Hello Heghine, my name is Moema (from Brazil). I’m descendant of Armenians and so in love with (our) Armenian cuisine. I want you to know that I am enjoying your recipes. You have helped me a lot. My interest is basically the Armenian recipes and you brought some I did not know. For now I have a question: I would like to know about that beautiful song you have in your videos. I just realized it is Armenian! Am I right? I’m curious. Please tell the name of the song and artist.

    • Hello dear Moema,
      I’m very happy my channel is helpful, I have so much more to share from our Armenian cuisine, so stay tuned 🙂
      As for the song, it’s my song.I used to sing many years ago. Music by my husband (camera guy), lyrics by Armenain poet Vahagn Davtyan.
      Here is the link for full song, hope you enjoy it!

  8. But … can you tell me who is this singer? I would like to find this song for sale on iTunes, maybe other songs as well. It’s such a beautiful song. I loved it !!!

  9. hello Heghineh jan i m so glad that i found your website and i am watching your videos almost everyday ,and it is amazing it helps me to cook different food. It is and easy and dellishes. I THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

    • Hello Alla jan,
      very happy that I can be helpful, and thank you too for your kind words and good wishes for me and my family .
      I really appreciate it!

  10. I just wanted to say how greatful I am to you for your YouTube channel. I love to cook traditional Armenian food that I have grown up eating. I look forward to your videos and learning new dishes from you. Great job you are such an inspiration!!!

  11. Hi Heghineh! Just saw your new video about stuffed bread lavash and I have a question. I know its possible to do with spinach, but I’m very curious about chrysanthemum… that green you called chrysanthemum is from the flower I know?

    • Hi Moema,
      No, it’s a different kind of greens,just resembles to the leaves of that flower and has mild fragrance in taste, usually it’s sold with with all the other kinds of greens , most supermarkets have it

  12. Hi Heghineh! I’ve been very happy watching your videos. I really became a big fan. Would like if you bring some more Armenians desert recipes. I mean, I want more than cakes or cookies to eat with coffe… Even Baklava… I’m looking for other kind of deserts like that Lebanese’s you show us “Aish all saraya”. What else does Armenians have for desert?

    • Hi there,
      I’ll be filming other sweets and desserts from Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisine,I hope you’ll like them all.
      Thank you for following my channel, I really appreciate it!

      • Hi Heghineh, I just saw the Karakum video. That looks wonderful!!! Will do it this week end for sure!
        Thank you.

          • Hi Heghineh,
            Yes, I did Karakum last week and was delicious. Your recipe worked very well. But I had to use peaches … you know, it’s not easy to find fresh apricots at this time of year here in Brazil. I will definitely do it again when I meet apricots. Today I did Halva, loved the simple recipe that you showed us. Just watched Apricot Turnover video and found it very good. It looks like I’ll get fat! I’m just kidding.
            Have a nice Sunday.

          • ps: I could have used dried apricots, I usually do a very good jam with them, but I wanted to try the fresh peaches and it worked!

  13. Hi Heghineh
    I just love all the different things you make. I love to cook and bake, and you’ve inspired me to try out Armenian traditional dishes and pastries.
    Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us! Also, are you going to make a video on how to make katnov? Would love to see your way of making that. Thank you.

  14. Hi Heghine, thank you so much for sharing your recipes! My significant other is Armenian and I would love to learn how to make more Armenian dishes. Thank you for sharing simple tips like making coffee, pickled vegetables and etc. I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Hi There
      I’m glad that My channel is helpfull
      I’m planing to share more Dishes from My traditional Armenian Cuisine
      Hope You try and like them
      Than You so much for watching and Enjoy Your weekend

  15. Parev! My sister and I found your shows on You Tube and we love them!! We are Lebanese Armenians, living in the Northwest (Portland and Seattle), married to “Odars” … so we rarely get to see these recipes! We watch your shows, not only for the foods, but we think you are so funny!

    Key components for a successful program are not just the food, but the personality of the host, the colorful setting and the dish presentation. We think you are so amusing to watch, especially when you are taking care of the children or answering their not-so-positive replies, while watching a pot from burning.

    We laughed out loud when you commented that your children have no taste, for all the great foods you make!!!

    Keep up the great shows… We will be watching! We hope to buy your cookbook soon! May we suggest you bake some cookies and kahghkas? Maybe some biscuits to enjoy with coffee or tea?

    Lastly, how can you manage 5 children and maintain such a lovely figure?? You have a wonderful exotic look, ANOUSHIG.

    Christine & Sylvia (Hye sisters).

    • Barev dear Christine & Sylvia,
      I appreciate you watching and following my channel, and for taking time to write this sweet letter.
      I’ll be making more videos for sure and just now uploaded a video for something that will be great with a good cup of tea/coffee. Hope you try that recipe, I’m sure you’ll love it:)
      As for my figure, I don’t do anything in particular, if once a week yoga counts, than yes, that’s the only time I exercise, I eat as much as I like, anytime I can. My kids and job,keep me pretty active, plus my lucky genes of course:)
      Thank you again for this kind massage , all the best to you and your families!

  16. Dear Heghineh,

    You should put your recipes in a cookbook and sell it on your site, and on Amazon! We know many people, not just Armenians or Arabs, who would love to buy the book! It would be a great gift to give to others who would like to try exotic food. There is also a huge demand for VEGAN ARMENIAN cookbook!

    I am a lawyer and businesswoman (used to live in “North Ranch” Westlake). I never felt very comfortable in the kitchen (my mom Manushag used to do all the cooking), but you make everything so easy… Even Basterma (which I cannot find here) or pickling my favorite vegetables.

    Keep up the great work! We are jealous about your genes & figure. SHAD MERCI!

    • Hello dear Christine,
      Sorry for late reply.
      Yes, I’m thinking about the book , but it’s too early for that:)
      And I’m so happy , I can be helpful, inspire to cook and will continue to share all I know about our tasty Armenian cuisine.
      Thank you again for writing me ,
      Have a great weekend !

  17. Hi Heghine Jan,
    I first want to say Thank you for all your amazing recipes! I appreciate all the Armenian tradition recipes & all. I wanted to know if you have a recipe for Moutabel (eggplant dip)? & if you do would you please share? TIA

    • Hi Marine jan,
      I just uploaded a video for eggplant dip, let me know if that’s the one or it’s something different?
      Thank you for watching and following my channel!
      I really appreciate it!

      • I did look at the video you uploaded… But the one I’m talking about is different. The one I’m saying is only roasted eggplant… & I think tahini and garlic is included in it. It’s cream min color. It’s a Lebanese eggplant dip called: Moutabel. I also wanted to know if you have a recipe for potato kebob that you can share? Thanks again!

        • Oh, I see,
          I don’t have a written recipe for baba ganoosh nor for the potato kebab, usually I’d eyeball them
          Will put down a recipe when I have a chance and share,
          Thank you for following!

  18. I discovered your videos last month looking on Youtube for recipes with apricots (my tree was full this year). Since then, I’ve tried several of your recipes. Your cooking style reminds me of my mom’s Iraqi food but with a twist. I’m so impressed that not only do you post about a video a day, but now you’re doing it in two languages! How do you find the time with your 5 children? Impressive!

    I always look forward to your videos. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.

    • Hi Liqa,
      Thank you too for following my channel, I really appreciate it!
      And, yes, it isn’t very easy, lots of sacrifice and hard work, but I truly enjoy doing this, hoping one day I’ll be doing this as a job:)
      normally we film twice a week 2-3 videos , I manage to do my chores, my other job and of course my oldest children are a big help .
      Thank you again and have a good one!

  19. Hi Heghineh!!! How are you?
    I’m curious about the armenian name you give to Strained Yogurt Salad. You have mention but I didn’t get it…
    Your recipes inspire me a lot. Thank you!

  20. I made Churchkhela. What can I do to keep it from getting moldy while it is drying? How long will it last in the refrigerator?

  21. Dear Heghineh, I found you by accident and can not stop watching you. You are real and cooking form you heart. Thank you very much and love your cooking.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I have a recipe for okra soup, and another recipe for pickled , marinated okra, both posted on my blog, search okra, should come up
      Let me know if any questions

  22. Hello Heghineh,
    We sent you a message in Armenian, on November 24th, 2016 and we would like to know if you have received it?
    Thank you very much,
    Arto Galstian

  23. My dearest Heghineh,
    I am a recent addition to your fan base! I was baking at church this past week and one of the ladies said I remind her of Heghineh and when I asked “who’s that?,” she showed me your site and since then all I have been doing is watching your videos and telling my family and friends all about you! When I watch your videos, I see myself in you. I also do everything by eye measure and add unique ingredients as I see fit. You are an amazing Armenian mother with a picture perfect family and such beautiful children (Adzvadz Bahe). I am a 53 year old Armenian from a Turkey and I belong to the St. James Armenian Church in Evanston, IL. I have two daughters who are mothers themselves and a son who is currently in Armenia. My oldest daughter and I spent the evening watching your videos and were inspired by your happy, healthy, Armenian kitchen! I hope to meet you someday. You are perfect and a wonderful reflection on us Armenian women. Sirov, Hayganus

  24. Hello Heghimeh,
    I am originally from Cyprus and we have similar dishes, but I want to tell you that I really enjoy watching you cooking. So, if it’s okay with you I like to post your video on my website http://www.herbe.co your green stuffed bread Lavash recipe. I love Lavash. I hope someday we can meet. Bravo, keep up the good work.

  25. Hope all is well with your home project. Thanks for the recent videos – and the Vlogs on your other channel. I’ve been following it even though I don’t speak Armenian. Just downloaded your album, Gunat Lusin, and am really, really enjoying it. Best regards, PBC

  26. One of my favourite cooking show. Most of the food that u prepare is vegetarian. I am a vegetarian. And i love your food

  27. Hello Heghineh,

    I love your recipes and have tried a few of them especialy the lamb leg in the oven. It is gorgiuos and ofcourse i added a twist from my side :). I am planning to start a restaurant business here in Saudi Arabia, that why i am fishing around the world web searching for interesting tasty new recipes to add to my restaurants menu list. I adore the way you demonstrate your recipe on you tube with your broken English, you look so sexy.

    Best wishes to you and your dear family and happy easter.
    Eng. Bassel Baltaji

  28. You rock! 🙂
    I am finding on your website so many recipes I know since childhood that wasn’t able to find anywhere else!
    Keep up the good work!

  29. Heghineh:

    I am Armenian 2nd generation American. My grandparents came to the states as refugees from the Genocide. I love to cook and learned so much from my grandmother. I particularly enjoy how easy you make these dishes. I was looking for a bread recipe and stumbled onto your matnakash recipe. Made it the same day and it was fabulous. I really enjoy your family participating in the show, that makes it very unique and wonderful. Thank you for these delist reminders of our heritage that we all treasure so much.

    God bless you!


  30. I just discovered your YouTube channel and website. I love it.

    Regarding cabbage, if you are going to stuff and cook the leaves (and you don’t need pickled cabbage leaves), have you tried freezing the head of cabbage? Put it in the freezer for about 2 days, and then defrost as you’re getting the filling ready. Being frozen and defrosted, the leaves get wilted just as though they were boiled. Such a time saver.

  31. Good morning, I made your fig jam (Delish); however I have made Jams before, but you made no mention of how long the jars had to be on the shelf before using. for example 4-6 weeks. If not great, I can enjoy sooner!

  32. Looking to make the Armenian Nazook/Gata recipe, but on youtube, you did not mention how much milk or heavy cream to put in the mixer.
    I love love your channel and would much appreciate it if you could respond to my email. Thank you!
    Pat Beane
    Lancaster, Ca.

  33. Hi Heghineh….., I am new to ur channel and work. I just delievered a baby boy…I happened to see ur videos on Youtube a month before delivery when I was craving some Mediterranean…..And I became addicted! Love ur show and ur family. My regards to all. God Bless!! Btw, I was brought up in the Middleeast and hence had couple of Armenian friends there. Your cuisine is wonderful and so healthy….just what I am looking for! Now in California.

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