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  1. I am married to an Armenian man and I really appreciate all the Armenian food segments… I have cookbooks, but it really helps to see some of these recipes actually made. Thank you!

  2. Heghineh jan, hello! Yes verjers gta qo aliq@ u indz shat hacheli e nayel qo videoner@, shat dzevvats ev chapvac xosq u pahvacq unes, u shat bari mamai es erevum. Yes Arevikn em (28 tarekan em), nkarchuhi designer em, shat em sirum patrastel hamex utestner. Hayastanum em tsnvel mecacel, Rusastanum el em aprel, bayc arden 6 tari e inch Bulxariayum em aprum, amusnus yev 2 balikneris het. Mi tesak harazat ban em zgum qo videonery nayelov, shat drakan licqer es poxancum nuynisk espes, videonerov 🙂 U shat kuzenai qo het shpvel, u inchvor baner el qezanic sovorel, tekuz henc erexaneri dastiarakutyan veraberyal, qich en linum mardik um het cankutyun em unenum shpvel u tsanotanal, irancic mekn el du es, ete jamanak unes shpvelu, zrucakic linelu, shat hacheli kliner 🙂 inchpes karox em kapnvel qo het, unes facebookyan ej? Kspasem qo patasxanin.

    • Barev Arevik jan,
      Kneres ushacumov em patasxanum, parzapes jamanaks shat sahmanapak e. Porcum en bolorin jamanakin hey grel, baic gortsers u tnain partakanutyunners enqan shat en, vor chi stacvum 🙂
      Ayo, unem FB ev instagram ejer, vortex hachax em linum , karox es hetevel ev cankacac harcov dimel, arajin hnaravorutyan depqum kpatasxanem.
      Shat shnorhakal em vor hetevum Es aliqis.
      Qez ev &ntaniqid amenalavn u barin em maxtum❤️

  3. I have been watching your video recipes for only a short time and I have to say that I LOVE your style. After I had my son I felt that I had lost the joy for cooking and that I was just cooking because it had to be done. After watching you and all of your babies play around you and you still happily make AMAZING food I am so motivated to get back into the kitchen and cook because it’s something I love doing. You have inspired me, Heghineh. I will definitely be trying this dessert recipe soon!

    • Hello dear Jasmine,
      I’m so happy to hear that.In fact cooking /baking can be very therapeutic. I knead my bread dough by hands to get the stress out:)
      I grew up watching my mom and both grandmothers , cooking – baking daily,with so much love and care, providing us with the best food. I want to do the same for my children and if I can also inspire many, why not:)
      Thank you again for this kind massage and have a great week!

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