Honey Oat Bread Homemade Bread Recipe

Here’s another addition to my homemade bread recipe “collection”, not sure if I’ll be able to post all my bread recipes within such a short time period.As I initialy decided to post one homemade bread recipe for streight a week period,I’m thinking to start another week for sweet breads and then later for stuffed breads, […]

Homemade bread recipe Bacon bread

Another result of my successful homemade bread recipe experiments : bacon bread. Personally, I’m not a big fan of bacon or any other meats, I’d live just on simple homemade breads ,fruits and veggies .But seeing how people go crazy for bacon and it’s basically used in any possible meals and dishes, even in desserts, […]

Soft White Homemade Bread Recipe

Soft White Homemade Bread Recipe Ingredients 5½ – 6 Cups all purpose unbleached white flour 7 Grams (1 pack) instant yeast (if using active dry, activate in warm water) 1 ½  Tbs kosher salt (or any salt) ½ Cup warm milk 2 Cups warm water 3 Tbs honey (can substitute with sugar) 2 Tbs melted […]

Whole Wheat Oat Homemade Bread Recipe

My absolute favorite :delicious oatmeal bread with whole wheat flour Pretty easy Homemade bread recipe I’d say , and it always turns out just perfect. We never have leftovers for any of my homemade bread, this one in particular . I used drought beer to add a specific dip nutty flavor and dark color, would […]

Wheat Flaxseed Homemade Bread Recipe

Wheat Flaxseed Homemade Bread Recipe As a mom to quite picky children ,I try to come up with recipes that may include at least a few really healthy nutritional ingredients ,something they won’t eat on its own. Flax seeds would be one of those .Of course children love bread ,at least mine do, they can eat […]

pretzels recipe

Old Fashion Soft Pretzels Recipe

Old Fashion Soft Pretzels Recipe Quite basic pretzels recipe with really good looking and tasting result. Ingredients 1½ Cups of lukewarm water 50 Grams (2 oz) unsalted butter ,melted 1 Tbs salt 1 Tbs sugar 1 Tbs instant dry yeast 4 ½ Cups all purpose flour 1 Egg yolk +1 tsp water for egg wash […]

Cheese Puff Pastry - Khachapuri Recipe

Cheese Puff Pastry – Khachapuri Recipe

Cheese Puff Pastry Ingredients: A pack of 5”x5” puff pastry dough (8-10 sheets thawed) 16oz Shredded mozzarella (or any cheddar cheese) 10-12oz Feta cheese ( I use Valbreso or Bulgarian feta) 2 Eggs (1 for the cheese mixture,1 for egg wash) 2 Tbs plain greek yogurt Directions: Preheat oven to 360 degree F In a […]

Armenian Jingalov Hats Greens Stuffed Bread

Armenian Jingalov Hats Recipe by Heghineh

Jingalov Hats Recipe The most delicious greens stuffed bread, we call: Jingalov hats, in Armenian. This may the healthiest stuffed bread you’ve ever tasted. It’s made with more that ten different herbs and greens. Frankly, it may not be possible to make the authentic version of “Jingalov hats” , here in California, since a few important, […]