Vegetable Frittatas Recipe


Frittatas Recipe

Another perfect vegetarian appetizer that tastes absolutely delicious and looks so colorful ,just gorgeous .And I’m talking about simple frittatas.Decided to add some shredded beetroot to my sweet potato frittatas and really liked how they turned out.The overall taste didn’t really change much, but the sweetness from adding the beetroot gave a really nice twist and such a decorative color.You can use this same recipe to make regular potato ,squash or zucchini frittatas.Flour amount will vary per each vegetable,depending how much liquid they produce after shredding.For those who are on gluten free diet,just use gluten free flour , the taste with be as good as with regular all purpose flour.

I also made veggie burgers with leftovers,just added some fresh lettuce mayo and ketchup. My vegetarian loved it!

Not much to add ,I didn’t discover anything unusual,just try and enjoy a great snack .





About 2 cups shredded sweet potato

A cup or so shredded beetroot

2-3 Garlic cloves ,minced

Fresh chopped greens about 1/4 cup of each: dill,parsley,cilantro, scallions

1 Tsp dry oregano

Salt – pepper to taste

2 Eggs ,beaten

1Tsp baking powder

1Tbs rice flour

You will also need regular purpose flour

As much as it needs to form a thick mixture about 1/2 -1cup or so

Vegetable oil for frying



Heat the oil to 375°

Combine all the above ingredients into a mixing bowl

Mix to incorporate

Using an ice cream scoop,spoon the mixture into hot oil

Fry 2-3 minutes on each side

Enjoy your frittatas with preferred source or as is!