Homemade Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Eclairs Classic French pastry Homemade Chocolate eclairs with my slight variation for the filling. I normally make these with vanilla custard cream filling, but somehow light whip cream + raspberry + chocolate ganache combo turned out to be such great addition to the pastry taste , therefore decided to share.You you give this a […]

Nutella Meringue Cookies Recipe

Nutella Meringue Cookies First post of 2016 had to be something sweet , and these Nutella meringue cookies turned out to be the one. Plus what’s sweeter than meringues? I wrote the recipe on a quick hand as making meringues is one of my favorite things,and I perfected my skills by making them quite often, […]

Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake

No Bake Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake

No Bake Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake Really easy and super delicious:No Bake Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake . This kind of cake doesn’t take a long time to make since the layers are pre made and no need to spend hours to mix and bake. However ,because the layers are made of dry and crispy graham […]

Raffaello Cupcakes Recipe

Raffaello cupcakes Really simple, quick and delicious dessert idea, with ready cake mix. I call these Raffaello cupcakes. I love having ready cake mix stand by, in case I have any unexpected guests coming on short notice or when the kids ask for something sweet on an extremely busy day. For this specific recipe, I’d […]

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake Recipe

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake I’ve been wanting to make a recipe for Ferrero Rocher crumb cake for a while and luckily I came up with a pretty simple, well maybe not that simple, but quite an original version of chocolate hazelnut crumb cake. Several things can be added to this recipe, such as placing the […]