Armenian Sharots - Շարոց

Armenian Sharots – Շարոց

Sharots Recipe It’s almost impossible to imagine an Armenian New Year’s table without dried fruits or special seasonal sweets. This traditional Armenian sweets Sharots is one of those dried snacks served on festive days. Ingredients needed are quite simple as well as the making of it. Hope you guys give it a try and enjoy […]

Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա

Pumpkin Preserves – Դդումի Մուրաբա

Pumpkin Preserves Have to admit, I’m not a big fan of pumpkin being used in meals or desserts, I’d use them as decor during the Fall season or just to carve for Halloween, but this one sweet treat is probably one of my favorites among many preserves : pumpkin preserves : crispy, crunchy outside,soft and […]

rice pops

Rice Pops Recipe – Krispy Treats Recipe

Rice Pops Recipe Turned my childrens favorite rice Krispy Treats into Rice Pops , with just a few extra things added. Have to say, those rice pops turned out really cute looking and with an extra hint of cherry flavour ,they tasted even better. Of course you can make these same rice pops with your favorite […]

Italian Peach Cookies Recipe

Italian Peach Cookies Recipe

Peach Cookies Recipe Another one of my “vintage recipes”, this time for Italian peach cookies. Very popular back in 80’s, theses cookies got well known for their unique look: peach cookies looking so much like the real fruit but tasting nothing like a peach:) I’ve tried a few different recipes for these peach cookies ,this […]

Drunk Cherries in Chocolate Pavlova Recipe

Drunk Cherries in Chocolate Pavlova Recipe

Pavlova Recipe I’ve always wanted to take my turn on Pavlova recipe and make it a bit different from the classic Pavlova dessert . Well, I just can’t /don’t follow original recipes .I have to add ,remove, update,downgrade , just play with it,untill it’s what I want, and then maybe change it again, as if […]