Sugar Rose Petals

How to make Sugar Rose Petals

Sugar Rose Petals

These beautiful sugar rose petals can be used to decorate cakes,cupcakes or simple dessert plates. I got the idea from one of my Instagram friends posts and loved it so much, thought it’s something worth sharing.

A few quick instructions and tips on how to make these, as no specific recipe is needed for something as simple as this.

Sugar Rose Petals

Ingredients & Instructions 

Sugar Rose Petals

You will need

*Meringue powder

*Edible glitter

You can find both in Michael’s or any other store that sells cake/ pastry supplies

*Organic flowers

*Fine sugar


*2 small bowls

*Food safe paintbrush


Sugar Rose Petals


Sugar Rose Petals

Rinse the petals and set them on a paper towel to dry

In one of the small bowls, mix 2 tsp of meringue powder with 2 tbs of water

Fill the other bowl with 3 tbs sugar and 1 tsp of edible glitter

Add more sugar or glitter to your preference

Dip the brush into the meringue mixture and coat the petal

Move the petal above the sugar mixture and use a spoon to sprinkle the mixture onto the petal

Set the petal onto a clean surface to dry, may take 5-6 hours

Dried petals can be saved in a clean glass jar

Sugar Rose Petals