Meringue Kisses Recipe - Բեզե

Meringue Kisses Recipe – Բեզե

Meringue Kisses These bite size meringue kisses are one of my favorite cake decors and sweets to go with coffee. The colored version of meringue kisses makes them even more decorative and special, so giving them away in gift bags can be a good idea. Planning to make a tutorial on a lemon meringue cake, […]

Persian Cookies Ghotab Recipe by Heghineh

Persian Cookies Ghotab Recipe by Heghineh

Persian Cookies Ghotab Turns out one of my favorite childhood sweets that we used to call Badam, are in fact Persian cookies with a different name : Ghotab . Still can’t find out why they were called and even made slightly different, but what matters is that delicious Persian cookies from childhood are back, thanks […]

Oreo Nutella Cheesecake Bites

Oreo Nutella Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake Bites Recipe These delicious Nutella  Oreo cheesecake bites quickly became my family’s favorite . Recipe turned out great from the first test, that’s my most favorite thing to happen when making a new dessert. Didn’t have to add or reduce any ingredient. First batch was gone within minutes . I had to make another […]

Hazelnut Truffle Cookies Recipe

Hazelnut Truffle Cookies Recipe

Truffle Cookies From childhood sweets : truffle cookies , buttery, crumbly, chocolaty, covered with a thick layer of cocoa and powdered sugar mix. Super easy to make and very yummy . Made a few slight changes to the original recipe to flavor the cookies a bit more. Added toasted ground hazelnuts, starch and baking powder. […]

Armenian shortbread cookies

Armenian Shortbread Cookies – Shaqar lokhum

Shortbread Cookies My version for the Armenian shortbread cookies called Shaqar Lokhum/ Շաքար Լոխում. These shortbread cookies are very tender,crumbly, buttery, simply irresistible .The most perfect company for tea or coffee. Hope you’ll give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it. Happy baking!       Ingredients 150 grams (1 […]

Nutella Meringue Cookies Recipe

Nutella Meringue Cookies First post of 2016 had to be something sweet , and these Nutella meringue cookies turned out to be the one. Plus what’s sweeter than meringues? I wrote the recipe on a quick hand as making meringues is one of my favorite things,and I perfected my skills by making them quite often, […]

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe – Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe One of my all time favorite sweets Marshmallow Meringue (Russian zephyr) : light and soft inside and slightly dry and crispy outside. Something that would remind for meringue and marshmallows at the same time. Except Marshmallow Meringue is also flavored with fruit or berries and tastes so much better than any of the […]

No Bake Cake Balls Recipe

No Bake Cake Balls Another one of those easy-lazy dessert ideas: no bake cake balls . Only a few ingredients , plus about half an hour of your precious time, and you can enjoy super tasty crispy snacks and even impress your guests with your delightful creation. As these cake balls look incredibly decadent. Feel […]