Cream Puffs Recipe - Eclair Recipe

Cream Puffs Recipe – Eclair Recipe

Cream Puffs Recipe Everyone likes cream puffs, but when they’re filled with an extremely delicious, very light chocolate frosting or cream, they become simply irresistible. Got a few requests from my Instagram and Facebook followers to post a recipe for cream puffs. A while ago, I uploaded a YouTube video and recipe for eclairs, this […]

Wafer Rolls with Caramel Buttercream - Вафельные трубочки

Wafer Rolls – Вафельные трубочки

Wafer Rolls with Caramel Buttercream Delicious sweet treats from our childhood : wafer rolls filled with caramel buttercream. Of course these same wafer rolls can be filled with any of your favorite buttercream or simple caramel condensed milk. To me regular caramel filling seems too sweet, that’s why I decided to fill these with caramel […]

Walnut Cookies Recipe

Walnut Cookies Recipe – Homemade Cookies

Walnut Cookies Recipe From my “Cookies from our childhood” series : walnut cookies recipe to your consideration. It’s true that,  when thinking about nostalgic food , childhood sweets are the ones we remember and cherish the most. These walnut cookies are one of those and for some reason, they were also the ones I’d never […]

No Bake Oreo Cake Balls with Nutella

No Bake Oreo Cake Balls with Nutella

Oreo Cake Balls Quick and easy no bake Oreo cake balls: a real heaven for all those Oreo – Nutella fans and all those who like “ lazy recipes”. Only 3 ingredients needed plus little bit of imagination when it comes to decorating. Let’s get to the recipe and instructions and hope you guys lake […]

Raisin Buns Recipe - Չամիչով Կարկանդակ

Raisin Buns Recipe – Չամիչով Կարկանդակ

Raisin Buns Recipe With Easter approaching in less than two weeks, it’s the right time to bake some Raisin Buns or at least get ready to bake that delicious, soft, fluffy Easter bread rolls,or buns, or braided kind of the same bread. In this recipe I will put directions for each version. Originally this recipe was […]

Almond Coconut Cookies - Նուշով Թխվածքաբլիթ

Almond Coconut Cookies – Նշով Թխվածքաբլիթ

Almond Coconut Cookies Recipe Here I come again with my cookies from childhood, this time crispy, chewy almond coconut cookies, easy to make and so delicious with tea or coffee or just by itself. For those on gluten free diet, these almond coconut cookies can become the best sweet treats ever. Originally these cookies had […]

Meringue Kisses

Meringue Kisses Recipe

Meringue Kisses These bite size meringue kisses are one of my favorite cake decors and sweets to go with coffee. The colored version of meringue kisses makes them even more decorative and special, so giving them away in gift bags can be a good idea. Planning to make a tutorial on a lemon meringue cake, […]