Apricot Fruit Lavash on Fruitlavash.com

Apricot Fruit Lavash on Fruitlavash.com

Apricot Fruit Lavash Hello everyone! It has been a while since we updated you about any new flavors, we were very busy with testing out new flavors that you guys would enjoy. We finally have our new flavor ready for everyone, Our new Apricot Fruit Lavash (leather) is finally ready for sale on our web […]

Arqa And Lousin

Arqa And Lousin Youtube Channel

Arqa and Lousin Hello everyone! I would appreciate it if you guys would check out my children’s YouTube channel, Arqa And Lousin. Their videos usually include lots of playing, and laughter. Thank you in advance and don’t forget to Subscribe!

Get Your Fruit Lavash "Ttu Lavash" from Our new Site

Get Your Fruit Lavash “Ttu Lavash” from Our new Site

Fruit Lavash Hey everyone !  We’re happy to announce that our fruitlavash.com website is up and running, and you can now order Ttu Lavash directly from us. So far, we have 3 different flavors: Original Plum Fruit Lavash , Extra Sour (Ttu Lavash) Plum Fruit Lavash, and last but not least, Mixed Fruit Lavash, made with fresh […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year – 2016

I wish everyone a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year! Also, I would like to thank all my subscribers and viewers for their time, for kind comments and good wishes.I very much appreciate it! Happy New Year !!!